“This debut novel is the first in a new series and is written so dynamically that the reader quickly becomes absorbed in the world of a highly competitive ballet academy combined with an occult element … The author has cleverly combined both worlds so that this book has appeal for both teen boys and girls”



“Black pulls off an enticingly eerie conclusion, setting the stage for the next book”

– Publisher’s Weekly


“[Dance of Shadows] mixes high-stakes ballet education with the occult”

– Kirkus


“One of the most intriguing books I’ve read in a while”

– Books of Love (blog)


“A nail-biting book that left me wanting more”

– Hidden Gems! (blog)


“A sublime story about the art of dance where life and death matters are brought to the fore in a thrilling, dark and mysterious way”

– A Dream Of Books (blog)


“Dark and intriguing, Dance of Shadows weaves together mystery and suspense with the beauty and danger of this story’s elegant ballet… I was hooked from the moment I started reading it”

– Mundie Moms (blog)