Three years ago, Vanessa Adler's older sister, Margaret, disappeared while attending the New York Ballet Academy—an unsolved mystery that haunts her family to this day.

Now Vanessa is following in Margaret’s footsteps at the NYBA and dancing for her very life. She must elegantly out-step the back-stabbing bunheads, the fiercely unrelenting choreographer, and Zeppelin Black, the school's stunning male lead—all while keeping her eyes on what has really brought her here: the need to uncover what really happened to her sister.

But when Vanessa’s friend goes missing and Zep reveals a dark, shocking secret… will she be doomed to relive her sister’s strange fate? Or will her talent be her saving grace?

Riveting, sexy, and unnervingly creepy, Dance of Shadows enfolds the cut-throat world of ballet with a psychological thriller in which each step may be your last.